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Latricia Gilmore

My journey in real estate began in 2006. I obtained my Broker’s license while I was working full time in the banking industry, which allowed me to bring a wealth of financial knowledge to my real estate practice. Throughout the years, I have weathered the challenging adversities of the real estate market, emerging stronger and more resilient with each experience.
For the past 17 years, I have been a valued team member of Carod Properties, located  in North Carolina contributing to the success of countless real estate transactions resulting in a consistent multi-million dollar producer.  Additionally, my commitment to my passion led me to join Kim Mason and Associates Realty in Georgia, where I’ve had the opportunity to assist more clients for the past 3 years. This has allowed me to navigate the intricacies of diverse real estate markets. Being licensed in three states has equipped me with a profound understanding of regional differences, ensuring I can tailor my services to meet the unique needs of clients in different areas.


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One of the ways I express my passion is by educating and empowering clients before  and throughout the process. I believe that an informed client is an empowered client. I frequently host live webinars and in person seminars as a means of educating potential clients on the homebuyer process, mistakes to avoid as well as allow them the opportunity to speak directly with a mortgage professional to ensure their readiness for their real estate journey. Every real estate transaction is a learning opportunity, and I take pride in the diverse lessons each one has taught me. Not only do I provide educational opportunities to my potential clients but I also pride myself in continuous learning opportunities. This commitment to continuous learning ensures that I stay at the forefront of industry trends, providing my clients with informed and strategic guidance.

One thing that others find extremely shocking about me is that I proudly served 8 years in the United States Army Reserve. My plan was to re-enlist with the intention of retiring before I turned 40 years old. However, God had another awesome plan for my life. My husband and I were blessed beyond measure with one son, Kendall, (who just happens to be our favorite person) at the time of re-enlistment AND around the time of the 9-11 terrorist attack which made my decision NOT to reenlist much easier.

Two of my biggest accomplishments that I like to share:
- I was 24 years old when my husband and I built our first home 
-I obtained my Associates Degree in Business Administration as a non-traditional student. I was married with a young child, working full time AND practicing real estate.

When I am not assisting clients, I am generally indulging in hobbies such as spending time with my family and friends, shopping, working out, traveling and experiencing different dining experiences. Anyone that knows me, knows that my favorite food is Mexican food! 

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